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We all have astounding and infinite power within us. But, surprisingly, recent studies have shown that, only a very small part of our potential is being put to use.  Many psychologists believe that we use only less than 5% of our actual potential.  So, any improvement in one's ability to utilize one's own potential is truly a great thing.


“Most people live, whether physically, intellectually or morally, in a very restricted circle of their potential being.  They make use of a very small portion of their possible consciousness – much like a man, who, out of his whole bodily organism, should get into the habit of using and moving only his little finger...” 

--Dr. William James, Father of American Psychology.


Yes! This is exactly the case with most of us.  We want to achieve, to become successful in our lives, to grow spiritually and become self-actualized or self-realized.  But, most of us do not use our natural talents or potentials.  Because, we do not know that we actually have such a great potential.  Even if we know that we have such a great potential in us, we do not know how to make it all happen. 


But all of us should reach our maximum as envisioned by Thomas Carlyle:


“Let each become capable of all that he was created capable of being; expand, if possible, to his full growth, and show himself at length in his own shape and stature, be these what they may.”  

-- Thomas Carlyle

Personal Growth Mentoring/Coaching helps you to move towards this future (as given by Thomas Carlyle above)from the present reality pointed out by Dr.William James (in the first quote above).


1.       Everyone, without exception, requires to outstretch himself/herself not only to be leaders in their respective fields of endeavor, but also to be competent (or even merely to exist) in this time of global competition. You cannot outperform others unless you outsmart yourself. Moreover, the demands placed upon each and everyone of us by our jobs, socio-economic and technological changes are too high that our current utilization of our own potential is not enough.

2.       The 21st century is considered the Age of Enlightenment by many.  To grow spiritually and become a realized person is often a necessity now.

3.       When all others around you are putting efforts to outsmart themselves, you cannot afford to ignore your own personal growth.

4.       The ultimate cure for stress, stress related disorders or psychological disorders or personality maladjustment is personal growth and personal growth only.

5.       Even persons with problems can gain much from personal growth because psychological problems are really the result of insufficient personal growth.  Personal growth can be done as a supportive technique in the case of anxiety, depression, obsession, etc.  As they improve their personal growth, their problems dissolve automatically and thus disappear altogether without any side-effects or symptom substitution.

6.       Personal growth can bring you long awaited success/achievement because it prepares you for the same.

7.       Many people don’t know where they really want to reach in their lives.  Personal Growth gives them a sense of direction.

8.       Many people know they have the talents.  But could not perform due to one or other kind of barriers, which they are not aware of.  Personal Growth dissolves these barriers and help them realize their talents.

9.       Even highly successful people complain that they are not happy or peaceful.  Personal Growth gives them insight into themselves and they could realize what was that which actually hindered their happiness.

10.   Highflying professionals & Executives, researchers & creative people etc. need very much to outgrow themselves to maintain the heights they have reached or to reach new heights.  Without Personal Growth this is not possible.



Personal growth mentoring/coaching (a.k.a. Life Coaching/Mentoring) is rather a novel concept in India and especially in Kerala.  But the concept is popular in developed countries like the UK and the US where people need to use most of their potentials to be competent or sometimes, even to survive in the highly competitive environment.  In those countries people want to be more productive and creative.  And, those who are already very productive and creative want to realize their full potentials to evolve both materialistically and spiritually and finally become self-actualized or self-realized.  They usually seek the help of Personal Growth Psychologists or Personal Growth Experts for this.

In India, most of us are still thinking that Psychology is for the so-called abnormal people only.  Interestingly, the National Seminar on Professionalization of Psychology jointly conducted by Kerala Manasasthra Parishad and Kerala Psychological Society in March, 2000 at Trivandrum did not even dare to point out Personal Growth Mentoring/Coaching as one of the important areas for Psychologists in the twenty first century.  But many people are now slowly beginning to realize that even normal people can be greatly helped by Psychologists.  They turn to Psychologists for help in re-building their relationships with their spouses or other relevant ones, to help their children in their studies or in selecting a career/vocation, to help young people to prepare themselves for marital life, to help them with stress management etc.  But we are far behind in using the knowledge, experience and expertize of Personal Growth Psychologists or other Personal Growth gurus in helping us realize our full potential or to help us move towards success/achievement or towards the final goal of ultimate self-realization. 

Whether it is your job/career/profession, or family/social life or your spiritual life, you can surely gain much from Personal Growth Mentoring/Coaching by a Personal Growth Psychologist/Professional. A Personal Growth Psychologist/Professional works usually with normal people and sometimes with people with slight personality disorders in which case he often starts from where the Clinical Psychologist and the Community Psychologist have done with.  In Personal Growth Mentoring/Coaching, usually the Mentee will be connected to a Personal Growth Psychologist/Professional whose responsibility is to help the Mentee in his personal growth.


The Personal Growth Psychologist/Professional educates, trains, encourages, advises, guides, suggests (resources & tools, methods & techniques, strategies & tactics etc.) evaluates growth, gives critical feedback, supports you in the problems you want to solve etc. with an aim to give you deeper insights and to finally empower yourself in all the ways possible so that you would become more and more free and self-actualized.  He/she helps you to arrive at your own solutions.   In short, he/she partners in your personal growth.




1.        You are considered a normal and as equal

2.        You are seen as a person who want to develop own potentialities

3.        Holistic/integrative

4.        Right effect, No side effect

5.        Personal Growth Psychologists have a Humanistic orientation

6.        Personal Growth Psychologist takes every interaction/communication as an opportunity to learn, to have deeper insights, for change & transformation

7.        Personal Growth Psychologist helps to correct your lifestyle.

8.        Personal Growth Psychologist focuses mainly on the positive, healthy and glorious side of your personality

9.        Personal Growth Psychologists focus on aspirations, goals, vision & mission etc. of the Mentee.

10.     Keythinking revolves round growth, health, expansion, rejuvenation, freedom, etc.

11.     Focuses mainly on health & well-being, happiness, all-round success, harmony, development, growth etc. and comes out generally with a holistic or integrative solution (i.e., life-style correction) for the same

12.      Mentor has multiple roles to perform.   He/she educates, trains, encourages, advises, guides, suggests (resources & tools, methods & techniques, strategies & tactics etc.), conducts psychological tests evaluates growth, gives critical, creative and timely feedback, supports you in the problems you want to solve etc. with an aim to give you deeper insights and to finally empower yourself in all the ways possible so that you would become more and more free and self-actualized. 
Helps you relate with communities or groups having the same goals, aspirations etc. as you have and acts as a catalyst or facilitator for your continuous growth and development.  He/she helps you to arrive at your own solutions.   In short, he/she ‘partners’ in your personal growth.

13.     Continuous and more frequent interaction for a long period. Although the interactions are at mutually agreed upon timings, the mentee can contact the mentor out of time also, in case of emergency. 

1.        You are often seen as a person with problems—a sick person

2.        You are seen as a person who is struggling to become free from some problem

3.        Analytical, mostly

4.        Side effects surface if the approach was analytical

5.        Have a mechanistic orientation (especially, the Behaviorists)

6.        Have mostly a symptom cure orientation (Medical approach / orientation) Very often, the root cause of the problem is not dealt with.

7.        Tries to correct your external behavior only

8.        Focuses on the negative, weak side of your personality

9.        Focuses on the past (Dynamic Psychology) or on mechanical behavior change (Behaviorism)

10.     Keywords are repair, curing, treatment, control, etc.

11.     In general, focuses on your dis-eases, dis-orders, in-sanities, dis-harmonies and the like and comes out with analytical piece meal solutions for these.

12.     A Clinical Psychologist/therapist/counselor also has multiple roles to perform.  But not as many as the Mentor has.














13.     Interaction is not continuous and is for a limited period only.  It is less frequent and at the therapist’s will.






1.       Is for a comparatively long duration.



2.       Is personalized

3.       There is an one-to-one interaction between the mentee and the mentor

4.       Continuous evaluation/assessment and this is very frequent as well.  This sharpens the individual’s performance.

5.       The mentee can specifically ask for his needs and get them as he desires.

6.       Very intimate & authentic contact & relation between the mentor and the mentee takes place due to deep dialogs and interactions

7.       The mentee can ask any private question because there is none other than the mentor there and the mentor being a professional keeps secrets

8.       The participant, if he so desires can share his insights, problems, etc. with the Cyber PGM group and get insights, opinions etc besides the expert advice etc. from the mentor.

9.       While the mentee applies a method/technique or the like, he is given continuous support.  The mentor sees if the mentee understands and applies things correctly.  The mentor corrects when something goes wrong.  He supports the mentee in the transition states as well so as to make possible smooth personality change/transformation.

1.       Usually lasts for a few hours or at the most to a few days.  So, not sufficient to internalize & personalize the concepts & ideas delivered.

2.       Caters to the needs of the group in general and not personalized for any particular group member.

3.       The interaction is one-to-many. 

4.       Evaluation/assessment is not continuous and is much less frequent

5.       Individual has no choice at all but listen to what the speaker says even if he does not wants it

6.       No intimate contact between the participant and the trainer occurs.

7.       The participant may not like to expose himself regarding some private problem of his and so cannot ask about it to the trainer/expert who is taking the seminar/workshop.

8.       The participant can share ideas, insights, problems, etc. with other participants and get more insights, if he so desires.

9.       There is no one to support you when you implement the ideas etc. you got from the seminar/workshop and also in transition stages.












1.       Both indirect (mail/email) and direct (face-to-face/phone/chat/voice chat) communication possible

2.       Personalized/tailor-made content and methodology

3.       No possibility of misconception of ideas/concepts by the Mentee

4.       Immediate and authentic feedback

5.       You can discuss your ambitions, vision/mission, aspirations, life-goals, etc. and get feedback, suggestions, expert advice etc.

6.       You can discuss your problems, difficulties, barriers, weaknesses, and so on and get feedback, suggestions, expert advice etc.

7.       Is dynamic and updated: new ideas for Personal Growth are shared with the Mentee as they emerge or are innovated from more experience, knowledge etc. of the Mentor or by other experts world over (such as new discoveries, innovations, advancements etc. in the field of Psychology/Personal Growth Psychology, Knowledge Management, Human Relations, Human Resource Development, Psychology of Consciousness and other relevant topics/subjects).

8.       You get help on time.

9.       Helps to empower yourself

10.    You are involved, interacting and so would gain more

11.    Mentor has a greater responsibility to see that the Mentee is devoloping

12.    May connect you to other relevant experts in our network if and when possible and required.

13.    You can move in your own natural pace

1.       Only indirect communication entertained/allowed

2.       You have no choice at all but take the same generic content and methodology

3.       Ideas/concepts  May be misconceived/misunderstood

4.       Feedback is delayed due to indirect communication

5.        You cannot discuss your ambitions, aspirations, life-goals, vision/mission etc. at all

6.       You cannot discuss your problems, difficulties, barriers etc.

7.       Is static.

8.       Help is delayed because no face-to-face, phone/mobile or chat/voice chat possible

9.       Empowerment is relatively low

10.    You are not forced involvement at all

11.    No such.

12.    No such

13.    You have only a limited freedom to move at your own pace






Everybody, however intelligent or highly appraised he/she is, needs the help of experts in Personal Growth.  Surprisingly, it is the highly intelligent persons who need more help not only because they are the ones who are more aware of the benefits of Personal Growth, but also that they are very often slaves of their own views.  Nobody, is free from Psychological/intellectual blind spots.  Only someone else can help you to realize your blind spots, rigidities, superstitions, delusions, unhealthy or unproductive coping mechanisms, ego defence mechanisms, rigid personal rules of living, values, attitudes, and other limiting mechanisms that constrict & restrict your own consciousness.  A Personal Growth Psychologist/Professional is trained to identify these, to make you aware of these and finally help you to transcend these to make your awareness more and more open and pure.


Most of us do not know our own real strengths, talents, positives, other abilities and skills etc.  A Personal Growth Psychologist/Professional can help you not only in identifying these but also in improving them further so that you can continuously benefit from these.

Personal Growth Mentoring is thus for:


  • ·         Mentally healthy & Normal individuals, in general
  • ·         Professionals & Fast-track executives, Decision makers
  • ·         Business people, Entrepreneurs,  Solo or Micro business owners
  • ·         Researchers
  • ·         People with personality maladjustment problems
  • ·         People with high IQs
  • ·         Highly creative individuals
  • ·         Mothers seeking to manage their homes better
  • ·         Students of higher education/professional colleges
  • ·         People who want to be affirmed and empowered
  • ·         Anyone genuinely interested in his/her personal growth, success/achievement


OR, Do you think that at least one of the following describe your situation? Then Personal Growth Mentoring is surely for you.


  • [      You know that you have talent but you have not achieved what you really deserved
  • [      You know that you can do much better, but cannot perform at the time of need
  • [      You know that you are working hard, but cannot make the desired improvement at all
  • [      You want to improve your performance, but do not know how to do this
  • [      You want to lead a peaceful and calm life, but you are always under stress
  • [      You are making a lot of money, but do not know how to manage your money and so you often end up taking loans
  • [      You have no friends at all
  • [      Your relationship with your parents, siblings, spouse, children, or relevant others are not satisfactory at all
  • [      You have a vision and a mission.  But you have no one to reflect it upon; to help you make it successful
  • [      You are an average person, but you know that by Personal Growth you can improve a lot
  • [      You have high ideas, but there is nobody with whom you can discuss them so that they can be made crystal clear


The aim of Personal Growth Mentoring/Coaching is to help the Mentee to achieve what he/she wants in his/her personal growth by empowering him/her.  This includes both materialistic and spiritual.


  • ·         Helps you to improve self-awareness, and to improve your self-knowledge
  • ·         Helps you to know where you are now
  • ·         Helps you to set your life goal
  • ·         Helps you to be emotionally stable; to enjoy the benefits of deep rest and relaxation
  • ·         Helps to use your knowledge better in all possible ways (Personal Knowledge Management)
  • ·         Helps you to realize your unique life goal
  • ·         Helps you to realize whether your goals/aspiration/ambitions are realistic
  • ·         Helps you by suggesting resources for the attainments of your goals
  • ·         Helps you by suggesting methods/techniques, strategies etc. for the faster attainment of your goals
  • ·         Connects you to the right people in the SMART (Synergy Mastermind Ardent Resource Team) network, if and when possible
  • ·         Empowers yourself in all the possible ways
  • ·         Helps you to become more and more independent, free to take responsibility for your own life; to be more self-reliant; to take and enjoy life as it comes.
  • ·         Helps you to ‘go where you want to reach’ in job or in life
  • ·         Helps you to face the realities of life bravely and naturally
  • ·         Helps you to get deep insight that would transform your life permanently
  • ·         Clears your doubts about spirituality, the ultimate questions in life etc. and gives you insights in these; Helps you develop pure spiritually (not ritualistic, fundamentalistic spirituality)
  • ·         Helps you to realize your own potentials, talents
  • ·         Helps you to learn quickly, effectively and deeply
  • ·         Helps you to become more creative
  • ·         Helps you to sharpen your intuition
  • ·         Helps you by giving you the right feedback at the right time
  • ·         Helps you to become more & more successful and to sustain that success
  • ·         Helps you to achieve what you value the most in your life


Usually, Personal Growth is wrongly defined or interpreted by many people including the Personal Growth Professionals themselves.  Most of them equate personal growth to achievement of some material end alone.  Some of them consider that skill development and personal growth are the same.  The benefits one can gain from Personal Growth Mentoring/Coaching depend greatly on the definition of what          Personal Growth is.  So, if your definition for Personal Growth is not holistic, you could gain only meager Personal Growth. If you define Personal Growth as achievement or success in some endeavor of your choice, you realize ONLY that much.  If you define Personal Growth as skill development or Public Speaking ability or Communication Skills or Social skills, you will achieve ONLY that.  Thus, you need to have a definition of Personal Growth which is holistic. Fortunately, we have a holistic / integrative view of Personal Growth and we share our view with the Mentee and thus he/she could benefit more.



Usually, the fees for different Mentees are different because the requirement for support and the involvement from the part of the Personal Growth Psychologist/Mentor will be different with different persons.  The fee (PER PERSON for a period of ONE YEAR) starts from Rs. 24,000/- onwards depending on the requirements and other things.  The registration procedure is as follows (for Indian Residents and NRIs working in the Far East):


1.       A questionnaire “PRIMARY DATA FOR REQUIREMENT ANALYSIS” will be sent to you and you have to provide all the details asked in that.  After analyzing it, a fee is arrived for your personalized PGM and you will be informed about this. 

    1. Make the payment: You can pay online by Google Pay. Or send your payment to IDBI Bank A/c No. 0046 1040 0016 5952 Name: Ajan Raghunathan IFSC Code:. IBKL0000858

THIS IS THE FEE FOR ONE YEAR and is applicable ONLY for Indian Residents and NRIs working in the Far East. 


2.       After we have received the DD, we will send you a Disclaimer  
      You have to accept it and sent it back to us.

      Once this reaches us, your membership is activated.  You will be given your membership ID
      and other details required to utilize the benefits of the membership.

3.       We may need more details about both your personal and professional/work life. 
     This information will be kept confidential and will only be used as part of designing
      personalized Growth Package for you.

4.       You will also be required to fill up some questionnaires etc. if and when required.

5.       You will also be asked to sign in for a new FREE email ID exclusively for the Personal Growth

6.       Based on “Who you are / Where you are” in Personal Growth at present and what your specific felt-needs are, a Personal Growth Package personalized (i.e., tailor-made) for you will
      be designed, and implemented.  This system will be based mainly on The Holigrative Psychology (Formerly known as the Integrative Psychology) of Dr.V.George Mathew. 
      Although the Personal Growth Package mainly is holistic/integrative, it may resort to analytical procedures if and when they are found useful in your particular case.  Both ancient (mostly  Eastern, and especially Indian) and Modern (Western) approaches will be employed.


The PGM Package consists of:

* Articles via email

* Suggested reading (books, websites, ebooks etc.)

* Permission to contact the Mentor/our network via phone/mobile for deep dialogs etc. for    your own personal growth (you have to contact the mentor by phone/mobile at the mutually agreed upon timings.

* Answers to your personal questions via email/chat/voice chat

* Email/chat/voice chat/face-to-face counseling, if required

* Personal (face to face) discussions/counseling will be arranged at our premises, if you need it (You have to reach there at your own cost, after taking an appointment with the mentor.)

*  Online discussion forum membership

* Chat and voice chat (This is for 1 hour per week for one year chat/voice chat.)


7. You can extend your membership after one year, if you wish.  You know, Personal Growth is
    an ongoing process.


  • ·         Achievement / success
  • ·         Social development
  • ·         Life Competencies development
  • ·         Social &/or knowledge networking
  • ·         Happiness
  • ·         Knowledge & insight
  • ·         Greater productivity
  • ·         Effectiveness and efficiency
  • ·         Better HR
  • ·         Attitude change
  • ·         Self-empowerment, self-reliability
  • ·         Spiritual growth


Ajan Raghunathan

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NB: Please feel free to contact Mr.Ajan Raghunathan for any clarifications or for more information etc.



Personal Growth is a must for anyone who plans to become successful in his/her life – either materialistically or spiritually or both.  Only Personal Growth Psychologists/Professionals with holistic/integrative mentoring/coaching methods can help you with personal growth covering physical, psycho-social and spiritual dimensions of personality.  So, if you are genuinely interested in your personal growth, register yourself for the Personal Growth Mentoring/Coaching and thus be able to live a fulfilled life.


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