We have been thinking of updating www.psychology4all.com with new and interesting content. But, it was a little difficult to get content because some of the Psychologists who were accessible to us were reluctant to write or had not enough time to relax and write. So, we had to innovate a way to capture the knowledge they have into words. I thought that interviewing them would be a good method for this and discussed the idea with others. All of them said that it was an idea worth trying because an interview gives much more than mere content. It could give the reader an opportunity to know more about the expert himself, his achievements, specializations, experiences, observations, opinions, attitudes, beliefs, values, tips, visions and other things he would not otherwise share with via an article. As far as the expert is concerned, he gets an opportunity to expose his own little known talents, and interests other than his profession. He does not have to spend more time also or does not have the trouble to put his ideas in an organized form to write it down. To the interviewers, it would be a different and valuable experience also.

But there was a challenge also because, we don’t have any experience in interviewing experts. But we thought we would take it as a challenge. The following are our efforts in this direction.



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