Habit. The Killer & Master Of Our Destiny
Darren Roberts
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When the word "habit" comes into your mind, it may conjure up images of biting your nails, smoking etc. It's quite funny as almost everyone associates it with forces of negativity. It is as if a habit is a bad thing. Sure, we may have a few bad habits but they aren't the only aspects of our life we sub-consciously carry out.

You have probably heard the expression "People Are Creatures Of Habit". If we adhere to our creed; our list of goals and desires with the dedication and persistence they deserve then you will find that you sub-consciously create a situation to enable its achievement. This is sheer will and is a very powerful ally as you work on improving aspects of your own personal make-up to perform to the level you aspire.

What you are doing here is creating and/or changing your routine i.e. habits. As you develop this change, repetition will intrinsically embed your new ideas into your schedule until it, in fact, becomes habit.

If you set your alarm regularly to wake up at 06:00AM because your new job necessitates an earlier start, then after a while you may find yourself waking just before the alarm sounds or around the time that it has been set without the alarm itself needing to sound off. In essence, you have re-trained yourself from one habit to another. Routine gets you used to doing things differently.

Just like physical habits are mental habits. In fact, mind habits play a huge role in our very existence. A habit of the mind is known to us as an attitude. Our attitude towards our job, family and future has everything to do with our current standing in life.

Creating/changing attitudes sounds difficult but doing the same thing to a "habit of the mind" for some reason sounds substantially less threatening, more intriguing and perhaps even somewhat vague. Everything is relative. Changing attitudes is something we will always have to do to improve our lifestyle. It is a rare case indeed when someone is so totally happy that they would not wish for an improvement.

To change our attitude to serve us better requires a crystal clear view of our goals, dreams and desires accompanied by its deserved persistence. This will lead to you becoming more educated as you expand your horizons. Being more knowledgeable can only work for you. You refine your routine accordingly and will begin to notice the in roads you make in getting to your desired result.

Of course if you develop the wrong habits then they will see you press further and further away from where you want to be. This is very difficult to recognize at first as you may simply read this as teething problems rather than for what it is; a bad habit.

The title of this article is "Habit. The Killer & Master Of Your Destiny". Habit being something you do with intense regularity. It most definitely plays a huge part in your life. So, for your sanity and for your personal growth, review your habits regularly. There is an expression "You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks". This saying is based on the fact that older people have developed habits that are so deep seeded that altering them would prove most difficult.

First of all - keep your mind open to changing habits and secondly, sub-consciously, as you get into your latter years many more aspects of your life will (unbeknownst to you) become "a closed book". So before the door closes down on you ensure that your habits are maintaining the pursuit of your goals.

Give yourself the opportunities and respect you deserve. Make your habits work for you; become their master and control their direction. You will be amply rewarded along the way as you will be able to see what you're doing and where you are going...

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