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 Silence is Golden

Physical (i.e., verbal) silence is OK. But mental silence does more good than physical silence. In fact, total silence means both physical and mental silence. Verbal silence can be easily achieved by keeping yourself quiet. But even at that time, your mind is not silent -- it may be asking questions and finding answers; it may be answering the queries someone else asked sometime ago. Actually, when you try to keep your mouth shut for a long time, to compensate your verbal speech, you have more 'mental speeches'.

Silence is golden because it is from the depth of silence, words themselves spring up. Deep silence is the very base of all words. Words derive their meaning because of silence. Words are perceived to be words because of the silence (or space) in between them. At many times silence has more meaning than words themselves.


Solitude - Your Own Personal Time Completely for Yourself

What is Solitude?

Solitude means total privacy and isolation from others. This privacy and isolation are but almost automatic and not forced by external circumstances or people. To be in solitude means to be alone and in silence. You may split the word solitude into sole(=alone) and attitude. Of course there is a matter of attitude in solitude. You are physically alone and in isolation; psychologically in total privacy, detached and totally silent and absorbed. You may be passively pondering or even working silently. But the thing is that, in the natural moments of solitude, you are totally absorbed, self-content and full. You may be left alone in your own thoughts or activities. There is no sense of urgency or any felt threat in this state. You are not bothered about anything in this state.

Generally you are passively sitting or lying on a coach or on the ground away from the noisy world. Generally it is a doing nothing state. But of course you can do some sort of activity in your solitude. The usual activities may be painting, singing, or any kind of creative activity or any activity you like doing.

All of us have the natural ability to be in a state of solitude. But how many of us go to this state at least once in a month? How may of us have actually experienced this state?

Solitude and Its Importance and Uses / Solitude and Creativity

Being tension free, the deeper strata of the unconscious are able to communicate to the conscious mind effectively. This improves creativity. Creative activities such as painting, literary work etc. can be effortless when in solitude. New ideas, solutions, themes arise to your mind at this stage which can change your life totally. Creative solutions naturally occur to you when in solitude. Solutions to even complex problems occur to you almost effortlessly at this time.

Solitude And Personal Energy Re-Energizing

In your solitude, you can re-energize yourself. Many people have told us that they made resolutions that are very important when they were in solitude. Solitude helps you get insight into your problems and gives you new solutions. Old resolutions can be re-energized when in solitude. Your mind becomes more transparent in solitude and so you can find the real reasons for past failures and make new resolutions accordingly. This helps you to re-direct your personal energy and time.

Solitude As A Way To Know Your Needs

When you are in solitude, if you simply think of your needs, you will be surprised to understand how meager your actual needs are. You could find out your natural motives or goals in times of solitude. Many persons have admitted that some of their great ideas occurred to them at one or other time of solitude. New ideas, new resolutions, new perspectives etc. are easy when you are in deep solitude.

Solitude As A Test For Your Relationships -- Do You Long To Be With Your Loved Ones.

When you are in solitude,  sometimes you think about your near and dear. You think about the great times you have spend with them. You realize how they have influenced in your life and all that. This will help you to reevaluate your relationship with them. You resolve to improve your relationships with them. You naturally want to give them back the concern they have shown earlier. Many people have told us that in their solitude they evaluate their relationships and have often found how they loved their dear and near.