SMARTChess The Scientific Chess Training Programme

Take Yourself / Your Child To The Next Level !!

Enroll today itself for SMARTChess The Scientific Chess Training Programme that also aims at Personal Growth Through Chess

What Scientific Chess Training Teaches You:

  • Focus attention and concentrate for sufficiently long time
  • Observe relationships
  • Identify, Recognize and Utilize patterns
  • Imagine favourable scenarios
  • Visualize outcomes
  • Memorize patterns
  • Make suitable Plans and carry out them effectively
  • Solve problems
  • Make intelligent decisions and act upon them without delay
  • Test novel ideas
  • Think creatively
  • Calculate different possibilities
  • Manage time effectively
  • Improve the value of your resources
  • Utilize space intelligently
  • Avoid repeating the same mistakes and blunders again and again
  • Check your own impulsiveness
  • Re-check accuracy
  • Learn from failures of oneself and others
  • Take responsibilities for your actions
  • Correct wrong responses
  • Improve response time remarkably
  • Learn to cope with failure / losses / setbacks and with successes
  • Accept mistakes etc. to improve upon them.
  • Compete with the best brains in the world with a sporting attitude
  • Cooperate with even the opponent to learn further
  • Combine different factors to achieve the goal

Some Benefits of Playing Chess

  • Promotes Brain growth
  • Exercises both the sides of the brain
  • Raises IQ
  • Improves concentration
  • Sparks creativity
  • Improves imagination and visualization skills
  • Improves memory
  • Increases problem solving ability
  • Improves self-discipline
  • Improves thinking skills
  • Teaches Planning and foresight
  • Improves reading skills and mathematics
  • Promotes Personal Growth

Who Can Learn Chess

  • Anyone of age 4 years and above
  • No gender issues: Both boys & girls (or Men and Women ) can learn to play chess.


  • Ajan Raghunathan (Arena Fide Master)

Chess Curriculum

  • From a Beginner to Expert in 8 Levels
  • Scientifically designed curriculum
  • Curriculum based on ELO rating and international standards

For more information and fee details contact:

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