This book has been prepared with great care by the Knowledge Research and Development Wing of Synergy Information Technology. The Knowledge Research and Development Wing consists of Psychologists and Personal Growth experts/HRD experts, Knowledge Management experts, Other Management Experts, Education/Training Specialists and IT experts.

The techniques described have been applied by a lot of people inside and outside our organization and thus found to be effective and practical. We have applied these techniques in different personality types also. Special care has been taken to make the User comfortable with the techniques.

The methods and techniques have been created by integrating modern psychological principles with ancient Indian techniques.

We are very much happy to present this work to you and wish you all success in your endeavor to be a developed person. In this occasion we would like to invite your attention to the words of Dr.William James, father of American Psychology:

"Most people live, whether physically, intellectually or morally, in a very restricted circle of their potential being. They make use of a very small portion of their possible consciousness -- much like a man, who, out of his whole bodily organism, should get into the habit of using and moving only his little finger… "

And let us wish you all success again so that the words of Thomas Carlyle become a reality:

"Let each become capable of all that he was created capable of being; expand, if possible, to his full growth, and show himself at length in his own shape and stature, be these what they may." -- Thomas Carlyle.



Please do not read this book simply as if it is a novel. Read it and try to understand the content. Read again if you have not understood the content. Once you understood, select one technique. Then apply it again and again until it becomes a habit. Only then it becomes a part of your knowledge. Only then it becomes a part of your personality. Now select another technique and apply it. Trying to learn and apply every technique simultaneously can be a waste of time and effort. Again, there is some unique pattern which would give you optimum results.

Read again after a few days even if you think you've understood the contents well. Each time you'll get more insights. Relate what you have read to your own direct experiences and knowledge. Try to apply the concept in your daily life.

Take your own time to study the topics.

Do not study the whole thing in one setting.

Take your own time and study topic by topic.

We wish you all the best in your endeavor to conquer yourself


Development of Will Power is Everybody's Business

Everyone should develop Will Power. Whether you're the top executive of a company or a clerk; a student or a professor; man or woman; child or adult doesn't matter. You need to develop your Will Power.

Thus self-development is everybody's business. Whether we know or not, we are expressing ourselves through all our deeds/activities and thoughts. You cannot separate it from your activities.

Today self-development has increased in importance because of the following main reasons:


  1. the competition has increased and one requires to use his full potentialities to survive
  2. one needs his unique specialties to keep an advantage or for competence
  3. one requires to handle more stressful conditions due to very fast and drastic changes.
  4. So your survival, competence and happiness depends upon the level of your self-development.

    "It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell."

    - The Buddha, 568-488 BC

    We wish you all the best in your endeavor to conquer yourself

    Content Development Team Atingal

    Knowledge Research and Development Wing March 1, 2001.

    PART 1

    Will Power - The First Step to Achievement

    "You must have faith in yourself and in your powers. This faith is developed by overcoming obstacles cultivating 'will power', 'exercising' your will. You must learn to overcome the sordid heritage of olden days in yourself and outside you. Even a trifling victory over yourself makes you much stronger." Maxim Gorky

    Importance Of Will POWER

    Will power is that makes all and every endeavor one undertakes an instant success. The mind that is weak or fluctuating cannot reach the goal at all. So it is important that all of us who want to be successful in our respective fields should strengthen our will power. Again, if one does not have a strong will power, others who understand this would try to exploit it to their own advantage. Those who do not have a good will power fall prey to drugs, alcohol, terrorism etc because of the influence of those who have greater will power. In short, will power is not only important for making one a success but to maintain one's character and integrity as well. Strong will power is required to keep oneself away from illegal/unethical activities or to respond against such activities. Thus it is necessary that all of us should improve our will power.

    Note: You should not mistake obstinacy for will power. Will power is a manifestation of your integrity and self-development whereas obstinacy is a manifestation of your weakness.

    How To Develop Your Will

    All will power is not conscious. In other words, will power is both conscious and unconscious. We can improve conscious will power easily. To develop your will power, you should develop those skills and attitudes that are conducive to the development of will and at the same time remove those blockages and negative parameters that hinder the development of your will.


    Believe You Can

    If you believe you can, you can.

    So believe you can do what you want. Believe you can achieve what you want. Believe you can become a successful person.

    YES! You are actually a successful person. What is needed to make it a reality is to believe in yourself and work for it. So tell yourself that you can achieve what you want, can do what you want, and can become immensely successful.

    Believe in yourself.

    Believe in your ability to become a successful and happy.

    Auto Suggestion

    The power of Auto Suggestion is tremendous. All of us use it knowingly or unknowingly. If you can use it knowingly, you can work wonders.

    By suggesting to yourself that you can achieve what you want you really can achieve that.

    Here are some statements you can suggest to yourself :

    I can do this and I will do this.

    I am OK and I will stay OK

    I will become successful

    I deserve success and happiness

    I am worthy and useful

    You can find out similar positive statements and say it to yourself.

    Just create a list like the one given above and in your bed room in front of the mirror, tell this to yourself in a confident tone. And believe what you say.


    There are two steps in overcoming fears. First step is to understand the nature and characteristics of fear in general and your own fears in particular. Fear is of course a state of mind, but it is also an instinct. So, to some extend, we need fear for our own existence. When your fear crosses that limit, you become ineffective and inefficient.

    The second step is to encounter your fears. Paradoxically, the most practical method to overcome your fears is to actually encounter with what you fear. This is again done in two steps - encountering the fear situation mentally (i.e, in imagination) and encountering it in real life situation.

    Once such an encounter is made safely, you automatically begin to transfer the effect to at least some similar fears.

    Three Very effective and proven Psychological Techniques to Encounter your fears and to Remove them


    Actually you are not lazy at all. You know that you have been very enthusiastic about at least one or two things. Say, in watching films or Cricket match, Collecting stamps, reading books you like and so on. So actually no one is lazy(provided one has got psychotic disorder).

    The main reasons for laziness are:

  5. You are not interested in the work or the work is boring
  6. The work is not well defined or meaningful to you
  7. The outcome of the work or the benefits that it may bring to you are not so clear to you
  8. You are a perfectionist or you fear criticism by others on your work.

Some tips to overcome laziness:

  • Love your work.

    Take interest in your work. This is actually a difficult task to many.

    But it is actually easy

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