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The present age is often referred to as the Knowledge age, thanks to the Internet and the World Wide Web (www). In this age, knowledge and knowledge workers come to the fore front. The value of knowledge increases many fold. Everyone realizes that without knowledge even survival is unimaginable. Then how can we think about competence and leadership? Only knowledge of higher dimensions give you the power you require.


Mere information may be there in abundance. The Internet and the world wide web have unimaginable amounts of information in them. But, knowledge is different. It is much more than mere information. It is the winning formula. It is the secret of success in today’s society.


Realizing this, we at SIPAM, by our Research and Development (R&D) work combining many variant fields such as PsychologyManagementInformation Technology (IT), Self-GrowthEducation & TrainingHuman Resource Development (HRD) etc. have developed a very unique method for the successful leveraging of Knowledge in any organization and especially in schools.



Knowledge Management (KM) is a multi-disciplinary approach for the management of knowledge in any organization so as to assure competence and leadership for that organization. This is often done by the synergistic combination of information technologies and the creative and innovative capacity of humans. KM encourages not only the reuse and sharing of knowledge but creativity and self growth as well.




Today’s highly competitive and global economy requires much more than mere information cramming up. Our current education system does not give much emphasis on knowledge. It emphasizes on memorization which is only a very low level of knowledge skill. The excessive emphasis on information and the inappropriate emphasis on rote learning are the necessary evils of the existing system of education. On the other hands, an emphasis on knowledge will result in the total development of the individual. The ability to learn and unlearn faster, the ability to put knowledge to work, the ability to create, the ability for imagination and intuition are much more important not only in today’s age but also in the coming ages. So it is necessary to offset the existing system so as to attain greater achievements to the school.




Our package will help students to attain better marks by helping them improve their self-management, time-management and self learning skills. Students will also learn how to tackle exams, exam anxiety along with other techniques. This will surely improve scholastic performance of students.


The knowledge gained from our package will not only be useful at present but also will continue to exert long lasting positive influence in the life of the student.




Our method is specially formulated and thus more suitable for schools and/or educational institutions in general and Kerala schools in particular.


The KM for Schools package has four major modules, one module each for —

  • 1. students

    2. teaching/training staff

    3. parents/guardians and

    4. management and administrative staff

Since the aim of the package is to improve the performance of the student, the main focus is on the students. All the other three modules are to produce a favorable environment to foster the required development and consequent performance or results of students.


The school can opt out any of the modules but, ideally, all the modules are required for the optimum performance/results. Each module will have sub modules.




The modules are implemented by our unique methodology and evaluated continuously for the whole year. The modules will be implemented on all the three terms, the last term focussing on examination (eg. how to score high marks, how to remove exam anxiety/tension and related issues). Experienced clinical psychologists will help the students in the last module (Two batches minimum required for availing this service).


In the first module, students are tested and interviewed to sort out learning problems and other personality problems. Serious problems will be referred to highly experienced clinical psychologists (for which you have to pay them). Mild problems are solved by our own team. Students are then given special training in learning techniques, exam writing etc.


In the second module, students are further trained in improving the techniques taught earlier. The effects of training will be reflected in their exam results.



Students of high school or above classes can benefit much from this course.



One batch minimum with at least thirty (30) students.



The total fee is Rs.500/- (INDIA) or US$ 100 (Rest of the World) per head per course.



Full Cash in Advance during registration.



Ajan Raghunathan,

Chief Executive and Consulting Psychologist, SIPAM.

Member, CKIMPS, U.S.A.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.


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